SouljaBoy Is The Latest Rapper to Get “Kat Stacked”

25 08 2010

image: Google

Just when I thought Kat Stacks was banished to the “Land Of Trollops” ((c) B. Scott), I see this video of her and rapper SouljaBoy who apparently arranged to meet up at SouljaBoy’s hotel in Atlanta, and while there, she reveals that the young rapper is a “coke head” and proceeds to show the lines of coke on the dresser, and blantanly tells him he’s wack in bed..

Check out the video

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Twitter Files: Teyana Taylor’s New Do

12 04 2010

One of my favorite people, miss teyana Taylor has a new hairstyle! Wanna see?

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Twitter Files: Teyana Taylor Twitpics

2 04 2010

STWK’s “Sweetie” Teyana Taylor is often the subject of many conversations. Most people want to know “what she does” or “how she became famous”, but those are the same people who haven’t been paying attention. Teyana Taylor is the Jack of All Trades and she can do it all. One thing she is most known for doing is twitpic’n her behind off! Miss thing just got a new haircut and shared it with her 100,000+ followers. What do you think?

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Twitter Files: Did Kim Kardashian’s Twitter Get Hacked?

1 04 2010

I dont follow Kim Kardashian on Twitter, but even I know theres something fishy about her Twitter page. Check out the screenshot of her page…

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Ashton Kutcher Reaches 1 Million Followers!

17 04 2009

Ashton Kutcher Beat CNN to 1 million followers on Twitter!!!! YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!!!

What started as a joke a week ago, became something serious once Ashton’s race for 1,000,000 followers on Twitter against CNN has gone nationwide. He’s really trying to raise awareness about Malaria and he got a million people to listen to him (and made twitter MAD money in the process). If those million people all donated a dollar, Ashton would have raised that equal amount of money to help.

Me, personally, I am amazed at Ashton Kutcher. He’s not the typical celebrity on Twitter that uses the 140 characters to tell his followers that he’s taking another flight, or having drinks with another celeb, OR, telling us about his beautiful hotel he’s staying at. People dont want to hear that S***. We want celebs to be real. Ashton is as real as its gonna get. And what’s funny is, Ashton was the first person I started following on Twitter. Diddy was second.

Malaria is a disease of the blood that is caused by a parasite transmitted from person to person by certain types of mosquitoes. Since last night, Oprah has joined in the fight and says she is going to donate 20 thousand nets, Ryan Secrest is donating 10 thousand and CNN is donating 10 thousand to protect these people from the harmful mosquitoes. For more information on Malaria and how you can help: Go to

Good f’n job, Ashton!

Ashton Kutcher Wants To Reach 1,000,000 Followers on Twitter!

15 04 2009

Since this video, Ashton’s following has grown (hes getting 300 followers every 5 seconds). He streamed live and told the 2,500 people watching that the millionth follower will recieve EVERY GAME from EA (Electronic Arts) that’s coming out this year and will also be put into a game. While he was on, he was interrupted by someone who told him he had a message waiting for him from Ted Turner’s Daughter:

TIla Tequila Hacked On Twitter: True Or False?

15 04 2009

On Monday, Tila Tequila’s twitter account was hacked and it was said that her and her dog were dead. Her account is believed to be hacked again after updates on Twitter suggested that Tila was going to kill herself if she didn’t get a miracle (see picture below).

After reading this on Twitter, Actor/Singer Tyrese Gibson responded to the “hacker”:

If you cant see the picture good, Tyrese asked the person “If this is really you where did you see me last Tila??” and then said, “Whoever you are you should be ashamed of yourself for doing this to Tila”

Tila (or someone who is close to her who could b the hacker) responded: “This is really me hun. I saw you at Robin Thicke’s bday party”

Unfortunately for Tyrese, the person answered the question right, to which he responded: “Ok.. I can’t say this is a joke anymore. She answered the question rt.. I’m gonna go to sleep.. This must be a bad dream”

What is all this talk about people killing themselves? A mother just lost her little boy to the same thing. Cherish your lives people!!!