Amber Rose Wants You To Know…

24 03 2011


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Cassie’s New Do: Sweet Or Sour?

17 08 2010

I’m so happy Cassie has changed her hairstyle up. I wasn’t a fan when she shaved the side of her head and I can’t believe she rocked that do for so long. This new hairstyle is more like it. She looks pretty. What do you think? Hot Or Not?


Blonde, Bald & Beautiful: Amber Rose Does HHH

14 07 2010

Amber Rose is back to modeling and this time its for Hip Hop Weekly. The ex-stripper turned millionaire’s girlfriend turned model looks gorgeous as she poses for the camera in those 6 (or 7) inch heels!

More pics

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Brandy Does 160 Grams

8 07 2010

Brandy gets her model on in the latest issue of 160 grams, and I must say, she rocked the sh*t out of this shoot! I’m not mad at Brandy AT ALL!

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Amber Rose Takes Her Baldy to The Beach

22 06 2010

I secretly love Amber Rose (well, its not a secret anymore, is it?). This chick has BALLS the size her big ol’ head. Anyone who can rock a baldy, snag one of the hottest names in the game AND come off lovely in a “keep quiet” agreement, has my vote.

images via Bossip

For Miley, There’s Love In The Ear

17 06 2010

Ahh, to be a teenager. You know, that time when your dating, smiling all the time, and love is in the air ear. Yep, that’s right, I said “ear”. 17 year old Miley Cyrus is definitely proving that she “Cant Be Tamed” by arriving at LAX with the word “LOVE” inscribed in her ear. In the picture, you can clearly see her nose is pierced and she has other tattoos, but the one in your ear is classic. (Im actually considering that spot for my next ink job). No confirmation on whether or not the tattoo is real, but it looks good.

Just for sh*ts and giggles, how about we watch Miley’s “Can’t Be Tamed” video?


Amber Rose=Marilyn Monroe?

17 06 2010

Kanye’s Muse Amber Rose is putting her good modeling contract to some use, she shows as she channels Marilyn Monroe in an upcoming issue of YRB Magazine.

She speaks about sudden fame:

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