“10 Signs That She Might Not Be In2 U”

19 07 2009

To keep in tradition with my “10 Signs…” Im gonna post “10 Signs That She Might Not Be In2 U”…

Me being a woman, yes, there have been times that a man has tried to bag me, (or whatever you kids are calling it nowadays lol)and I wasn’t really into him. Me, I’m not a big fan of rejection, so I try not to flat out reject someone else (unless they deserve it). These are 10 signs I can think of off the top of my head that just might save guys some $ and heartache:

#10- You’ve asked the girl for her number, she gives it to you with no problem and when you call it, its the number to a chinese restaurant

#9- You ask for her number and she says she’ll take yours

#8- You ask her what she’s doing for the day and she says “babysitting”. She’s really out with another dude

#7- If you and her have been talking for a minute, but she wont have sex with you

#6- You find out shes feeling one of your friends after you already established you was feeling her hardbody

#5- You call her and someone else is always answering her phone saying “shes not here” or “shes in another state and left her phone here”

#4- She tells you shes doing one thing, but is twittering what shes REALLY doing (i.e at the movies, at a party, at the beach)

#3- She asks you to buy her material things, promises to chill with you after, but all of a sudden has an excuse as to why you have to drop her (and her new shit) back home

#2- Her friends see you, or are around you and have inside jokes, making you feel uncomfortable. She told them you were just “some dude”, thats why

#1- She tells you “I think we should take it slow and see where it goes”…thats code for she doesnt want to be with you