Pillow Talk: Tahanee Roberts’ Website Has Launched!

11 04 2011

If you guys have been keeping up with my Pillow Talk section of the site, then you know about the three ladies that are doing the damn thing! Tahanee, author of “Lust Now, Cry Later” has launched her website, so if you guys want to know more information about her, her book, Pillow Talk, or anything in general, visit her there and tell her I sent you!


Pillow Talk ReCap: “Groupies vs. Professional Women”

24 03 2011

This week, the ladies of Pillow Talk want to know what the difference is between a groupie and a working woman. They say that  both kinds of women are whores, but they want to know what the difference is between a corporate whore and a regular whore. Guests called in to speak out on the subject, and the feedback was pretty interesting.

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Pillow Talk ReCap: “HoneyMoon From Hell”

3 02 2011

If you’ve seen the previous post I did on The Lovely Ladies Of Pillow Talk, then you know that every Wednesday night, it goes down.

This week, the girls had on a special guest, pop star Tina for part one of their show, and for the second part, they asked this question: “What if you were in an abstinent relationship, and you found out on your Honeymoon that he had a little penis and she had a loose vagina?”

Let me just sat that this was a good topic! Callers chimed in and gave their opinions, but I want to give mine. I know it sounds crazy, but I don’t think I could be in an abstinent relationship UNLESS the person and I were already dating and we decided to hold off for marriage. That’s the only way I could do it, because if I get married to a person and find out on my Honeymoon night that he can’t do work in the bedroom, I’m going to want a divorce, or I’m going to spend my marriage cheating on him, and that’s not how a marriage should be. When I get married, that’s going to be my last relationship ever, so it would be asinine to expect me to stay with a man that had a little penis. It sounds bad, but it’s the truth! A man wouldn’t stay with me if I had no walls, he’d be PISSED and spend the rest of our relationship cheating on me, so I have to set my own standard.

I know some of you reading this might think what I’m saying is wrong, but it’s how I feel. I have to test drive the car before I sign the papers to own it.

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