Fantasia In The Hospital For Overdose

10 08 2010

With all the drama going on between Fantasia and her lover’s ex-wife, I’m not surprised to see that Fantasia has broken down and succumbed to the pressure of everything. While the overdose isn’t fatal, there should still be some concern.

Here’s what happened:

Barrino was taken to Carolinas Medical Center-Pineville around 8:55 PM … the report says her condition was not life-threatening.

According to the report, it’s unclear whether the OD was intentional or accidental.

As we previously reported — Barrino was recently accused of making a sex tape with a married man and destroying his marriage.

Praying for you, girl!


Is Maia Campbell Back On The Block?

2 08 2010

A couple months ago, video of a very high, very skinny Maia Campbell (“In The House”) surfaced on the internet. Then, there were reports and pictures of her doing better. Now, there’s a video going around of her that shows that shes on the same path of destruction. In my heart, I want this video to be from before they said she was doing better, but I know better.

Looks like she’s back on the block.

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USC Gets Rid Of Reggie Bush

21 07 2010

It seems like Kim Kardashian isn’t the only one getting over Reggie Bush…

USC has put their foot down and decided that any and everything that reminds them of Reggie will be taken and erased from the memory of the school. Here’s what happened:

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News Break: 21yr Old Falls To Death On Rollercoaster

13 07 2010

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I Want Oprah To Be My Boss…

17 06 2010

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of O Magazine, Oprah walked into her publishing company and  gave her staff $10,00 as GIFTS, no matter how long they had been working there. You thought that was something? How about an iPad to go with the 10gs?

A spokesperson said:

“These were personal gifts to the staff from Oprah to thank them for their hard work and dedication to the magazine.”

Wow, I can recall getting the opposite treatmeant from my last boss…Oprah, I will reloacate to work for you lol. Hire ME!

Bam Margera Hit In Head With Bat

13 06 2010

If you follow me on Twitter, you know how much I love me some Bam Margera. I don’t know what it is about that man that I love, but I swear, If he tried to holla, I’d give him my real number lol!

This morning, I found out that some crazy lunatic woman hit him upside his head with a BAT (of all things) last night. Here’s what happened:

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“Gossip Girls” Star Chace Crawford Arrested

4 06 2010

Some Most of these celebrities just dont know what to do with their status. Chace Crawford is another example of just that, getting arrested for possesion of Marijuana. Here’s what happened:

Gossip Girl hunk Chace Crawford was arrested in his hometown of Plano, Texas, early this morning after cops allegedly found him in possession of 2 ounces of marijuana.

The bust went down while Crawford and a buddy were chilling in a ’03 Nissan outside of Ringo’s Pub. (There’s no word on the friend’s identity, but it’s safe to say it was not Mexican travel buddy Tony Romo.)

Nevertheless, Crawford managed to spring himself just after 1 a.m., albeit not before leaving the Internet with that gift that keeps on giving, a celeb mug shot.

“He is not in custody,” Plano police told E! News. “He already bailed out early this a.m.”

The maximum sentence for misdemeanor pot-possession is 180 days in jail and a $2,000 fine.

Okay, so maybe the weed didnt belong to him, and it belonged to his friend in the car, but even still, you’re a celebrity, you have a reputation to uphold, so you are supposed to say to your friend “dont bring that sh*t in my car!”