Frozen Treats: “Scream 4” (Trailer)

21 01 2011

I didn’t even know another “Scream” movie was coming out and to be honest, I think they should’ve stopped at “Scream 3”, but, whatever, Wes Craven, if you love it, I like it. I’m glad to say, though, that┬áDavid Arquette, Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox are back, and some new characters (Emma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere, Adam Brody and Anthony Anderson) have been added to the cast.

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"The Soloist" Flops!!!!

28 04 2009

Jamie Foxx picked the WRONG time to be talking about a little white girl. In my post with the actual audio of him going on and on about Miley Cyrus, I pondered if the rants would hurt his new movie thats coming out. and guess what? IT DID. “The Soloist” made a whopping (notice the sracasm) $9m this weekend, while Beyonce’s Movie (that she executive produced) made $28M…

Now, Jamie has recruited his daughter to write a letter apologizing to Miley. We’ll see how this turns out…

Sometimes, we gotta watch what we say…