Oprah Parties It Up With N.E.R.D and Diddy

5 05 2010

Well alright, Miss Billionaire!

Monday at the Met Costume Institute Gala, Oprah put on her dancing shoes as N.E.R.D (invited by Vogue Editor In Chief Anna Wintour to peform) at the event), Diddy, Usher and others partied it up in their best formal wear. I was surprised to see Oprah so open and having fun with some of the biggest names in Hip Hop, since we all know she can’t stand it. Oh well, anything for a good cause. Pics when you keep reading.

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Rihanna ‘s New Hobby

19 04 2010

Rihanna kicked off her “Last Girl On Earth” tour in Antwerp, Belgium on saturday and finally put those skills of her to use…

We all knew Travis Barker was teaching her how to play the drums, and it seems to me, basic training has paid off. Continue to see pics and a short video of Rihanna banging…those drums.

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Twitter Files: Teyana Taylor’s New Do

12 04 2010

One of my favorite people, miss teyana Taylor has a new hairstyle! Wanna see?

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LMAO! Teyana Taylor On Kiss Cam

5 04 2010

I know this is so late, but I was going through my subscriptions on YouTube and the video of Teyana Taylor caught on kiss cam with Dorian from BET’s “College Hill” was right in my face. This video made me laugh so hard, I had to put it up.

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Chile, I Can See Your Areola’s!

31 03 2010

Just moving to a new site, I was going through my old posts to make sure the videos were still there, categorizing them and making sure they were neat (I still have about 200 posts to go through, but its late as hell and I’m tired). I come across a post about Beyonce I did and decided to look for a new picture for it. I open up google and type in “Beyonce Dreamgirls” cause i wanted a pic of her on the set of the movie “Dreamgirls”. Chile, what I came across was even better, so I kept the tab open for a later time. That time is now!

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