Awesomely Random: Frank Ocean “Nature Feels”

11 04 2011

If you haven’t herd of Frank Ocean, you are missing out, big time. I was introduced to him through a friend of mine who just kept talking about this song “Novacane”, so when I finally gave the song a listen, I was sold. Signed and shelved by Def Jam, Frank was determined to get his dream out, so he took to his Tumblr page to share his talent with his first album, “Nostalgia, Ultra”.

He even wrote his own press release:

My name is Frank Ocean. I grew up in New Orleans. I’m from Odd Future. I wrote Nostalgia, Ultra in spring 2010. I think I have Synesthesia. I feel more like some type of visual artist than a musician when I’m working. I just mean my process is more about imagery. Maybe people wanna call it a certain genre because I’m a black guy singing. I don’t really mind. To be honest, I don’t think much about it. I categorize it in iTunes as Bluegrass or Death Metal usually. I’m pretty sure I have Synesthesia though. I also wear a Kippah from time to time. I smoke Marijuana for anxiety. Oh, and I used to battle-rap in High School.

He’s so dope.

Right now, I’m jamming his song “Nature Feels”, which is a song he did over MGMT’s “Electric Feel” (that song has the most plays on my ipod, I fucking love it). Frank definitely has a very distinctive voice and amazing talent, and with all the feedback he’s getting from his album, he doesn’t even need a record deal.

Download “Nostalgia, Ultra” here and enjoy.

credit: smokingsection


Awesomely Random: Auto Correct Fails

24 03 2011

If you’re an iPhone owner like me and you have used your phone’s “auto correct” settings, then, you are familiar with the picture above. A little while ago, I was roaming on my Tumblr and I came across this pic I reblogged from someone (I forget who), and I noticed the writing on the bottom of the picture. It’s an address to a website that is dedicated to all this Auto Correct and I just spent the lat 20 minutes laughing at every single screenshot on the site.

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Awesomely Random: Hot97 Does Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now”

2 02 2011

Up at the Hot97 studios, Angie Martinez, Dj Enuff and Mister Cee have a bit of a break, so Mr. Cee decided to bet Angie that her and her team can’t rap the words to Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now” featuring Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne. They each put $300 up, and one of them definitely walks aay $300 richer. See who after the jump.

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Awesomely Random: My Bestie’s “NoH8” Campaign

11 01 2011

Here I was, creeping on Facebook and I came across my good friend Mikey’s page and a new picture he had up. He and his little cousin Mary (who is better known as Buttah) posed for this lovely picture and joined the ranks of many celebrities and people fighting for this cause.

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Awesomely Random: Electric Light Orchestra “Evil Woman”

5 01 2011

This song has been in my head for the past couple days…

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Awesomely Random: “Who You Finna Try?”

5 01 2011

I’m usually up late at night when everyone else is sleeping, creeping on amazing website’s. I love the random videos and pictures that people post! This one was seen on my girl Mahogany’s Tumblr page and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to share it with you guys.

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